backlitsignWhen you need a professional looking sign to grab people’s attention and you want it to be visible in day or night, you want to get yourself a backlit sign. They are signs that are lit from the back so that the clear and transparent parts of the signs are illuminated and easy to see. Some backlit signs are made of glass or acrylic and have an internal light source behind the display. Other backlit signs are made by placing a vinyl decal over a light box. These types of signs are great, because you can switch out the decal and reuse the light box for another sign.

Uses for Backlit Signs

These signs are primarily used by businesses and placed on the side of the road. They are a great way to draw attention to a business day or night and also help people find the business if they are looking for it. You will also find backlit signs on the inside of businesses just as a way to decorate or advertise the business.

In addition to these uses, backlit signs are used heavily in malls, airports, and subways for advertising. The large lit signs on the sides of walls are used by companies to advertise to shoppers and commuters, and the lighting ensures that they will be visible no matter what the lighting situation is in the room.

Care of Backlit Signs

These signs are very easy to take care of, and all you will need to do is keep the front clean, so that the sign is easy to read. The vinyl or acrylic sign is made to withstand the heat and intensity of light behind it, but if you do not get a high quality sign it may start to fade over time. Typically, even the lower quality signs can last at least three years if taken care of properly.