channellettersignsThe signs you typically see attached to a building above the front doors are known as channel letters. These are three dimensional letter signs that are used to spell out the name of a business, so that individuals can identify the business from far away. These signs usually are lit from inside and have a semitransparent front made out of acrylic, so that the light will illuminate the letters at night.

Channel letters are used in all types of businesses and all across the country. They are a great way to draw attention to a new store and because color and font are customizable, they are also an important part of a store’s branding. Restaurants, stores, tanning salons, and bars all commonly use channel letters to advertise on their storefront. At the same time, some businesses also like to place smaller channel letters signs inside their establishments. These can be a great design element for a business’s interior because the lighted signs are eye catching and attractive.

Channel signs are typically made of aluminum to prevent them from rusting. First the base of the letter is cut out of aluminum or another metal. Then a strip of aluminum is molded to form a can above the base, and inside the light source is placed inside this can. Finally, the transparent, often acrylic, front is fixed to the top of this can, and that is what will be visible to visitors when the sign is illuminated.

There are few better ways to advertise a business. Because of the ubiquity of channel letters signs, a business that doesn’t have these types of signs may look strange to a consumer. Whenever you choose on getting your own channel letter signs, put a lot of thought into the color and style of the lettering. This will help communicate the type and quality of the business.