As LED technology has gotten more sophisticated and less expensive, more businesses and organizations are getting their own LED signs. Though an LED is significantly more expensive than a non-electronic sign, its message can be changed over and over again, giving it a lot more usability and versatility than traditional signs. Many schools and businesses take advantage of LED signs by constantly updating the message to reflect current events, news, and sales. If you are looking for a sign with that type of functionality, you will have to invest in a high quality LED sign.

There are actually many different types of LED signs, and depending on what type of messages you want to display and how much money you can spend on the sign, that will determine which is the best fit for you. The first types of LED signs were very simple. They could only display numbers, letters, and very simple images, and they typically only displayed one to three colors. These signs are still used by banks to display time and temperature and at gas stations to show the current price of gas. If you don’t need to display anything except letters and numbers, these signs can be a less expensive alternative to the more advanced LED signs.

In recent years, some businesses are upgrading from the traditional LED signs to high resolution signs, which can display thousands of colors and very detailed images. With these signs, companies can display pictures, graphics, animations, and sometimes even video. It is an extremely great way to grab the attention of consumers, so that they find out about your new products or your next big sale. With its high resolution, it can display much more complex information than what can be conveyed by the older signs. Depending on what you will use the sign for, you will be able to decide if it’s worth the substantially higher cost.