marqueesignThough marquees are still used by very many businesses today, they will forever be associated with the classic movie house and theatre marquees of the twentieth century. These signs were used because their large changeable letters and flashing lights were extremely effective at getting the attention of drivers and pedestrians. With changing letter signs, these theatres were able to advertise the new movies and plays that they were showing. Though there aren’t as many of these classic theatres around anymore, marquees are still widely used by all types of businesses and organizations including restaurants, car washes, and churches.

Marquees are great because like LED signs, you can constantly change the message. This allows businesses to communicate about the latest sales, products, and events directly on the side of the road. Changeable signs are a great way to get the attention of consumers, and you can even use these signs to celebrate holidays, tell jokes, or communicate other messages that help build your brand. In contrast to LED signs, marquees do not use electricity and have a classic look that people love. If you want a sign that can be visible at night, you can also choose a backlit marquee. They are less expensive than LED signs and are a great option for businesses that want a changeable sign, but don’t want to spend the money on a brand new LED display.

Despite these advantages, marquees are becoming less and less common as time goes on and companies switch to the more technologically advanced alternatives. This makes marquees extra distinctive for the businesses that use them, but it also makes it more difficult to find companies who specialize in constructing and repairing marquee signs. It may take you a little longer than in the past to find a company that specializes in building or selling marquees, but they’re worth it.