municipalsignThough municipal signs seem very simple and are often overlooked, they are actually more complicated than you might think. In order to be easily visible and readable, municipal signs incorporate important sign technology that helps them keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Many different types of signs fall under the category of municipal signs. In general, these are the reflective metal signs you see on roadsides. They include parking signs, traffic signs, street signs, and even sometimes informational signs such as those that tell you how far you are from a historic landmark. Municipal signs are signs that were installed by the town or city and are owned by the municipality too. When purchasing municipal signs, towns and cities make sure they are getting signs of the highest quality and durability.

Almost all of the municipal signs in America are made of aluminum. This has been the standard for a long time because of aluminum’s durability and inexpensive price. In recent years, some communities are using high density urethane for their signs. This is a special type of foam material that is extremely durable and resistant to chemicals, moisture, and rot. Because these signs are so inexpensive, more municipalities may try them out in the future.

Though municipal signs are painted in many different colors such as green, red, and yellow, they are all covered in reflective sheeting. There are many different types of reflective sheeting, and some types are more reflective than others. The most reflective sheeting is usually used for highway signs because they need to be highly visible and readable while cars are moving at high speeds. Municipal signs that are not related to safety are usually covered in less powerful types of sheeting, and so are signs that are in areas of low volume and low speed traffic.