nameplateIn many large offices, the desks and personal offices are identified by using name plates. Name plates, the thin sheets of metal with a name and possibly position engraved, are a great way to decorate an office and bring some order to it. Once a person is hired by a company or moves into a larger personal office, the name plate can also be a source of pride and accomplishment.

If you are looking to buy name plates, there are a few different choices you will have to make. You should find out how large you want the name plates to be. Usually name plates are about two inches wide by about eight inches long, but the dimensions can be customized to whatever size you prefer. Think about how where you will be attaching them or mounting them and how much space you will need. If your name plates will just include the names, then they might not need to be too big. If they will include position title or other information, you may need more space. Of course you will also want to think of font style and size, as that will affect the way the name plates look.

Another important question is what type of metal you want to use for your name plates. The most common choices are aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper. Each can be finished and polished, so that it looks spectacular and professional, but you’ll have to make a choice. You may even decide to make your nametags out of glass or acrylic. This works if they will be mounted on a wall on a light colored surface, so that they are easy to read.

Whatever style choices you make regarding your name plate, you are sure to get a great product. There are many engraving companies that specialize in making high quality professional name plates.