Depending on where you live, there may be regulations that require you to erect notification signs in order to notify the public about some type of activity that you are conducting. This can differ by municipality, but one example is a sign that notifies people that you will be using a strong pesticide or other type of chemical in the area. These signs are critical for safety reasons, so that people can protect themselves and well as keep their children and animals away from the dangerous area.

The size of these signs may be regulated locally or it may not be. Generally, it is important to have a large enough sign, so that people can see it, and the face of the sign should be large enough so that the words are easy to read. Because these signs are normally very temporary, a metal sign is not necessary. Buying signs made out of durable plastic or even a treated cardboard will work well for this purpose; just remember to keep the sign up for as long as the situation is unsafe.

In addition to required notification signs, there are also some times that businesses will use signs to notify the public about upcoming developments. These types of signs are informational, but are also used as a form of advertising. A good example of this type of notification sign is a sign that goes up in front of an area where condominium or multiple house construction will begin. These signs let nearby people know about what is being built and also provide contact information and website information, so that they can learn more about pricing and other details. These signs are a great way to get the word out and build a local buzz about a new project. These signs typically need to be very large so that they can display all the necessary information.