For directing people in offices, conferences and trade shows, and even restaurants, pedestal signs are a great and inexpensive option. Pedestal signs usually consist of a metal pole that has a frame at the top for holding replaceable messages. These messages are normally printed on pieces of paper, so they can be easily swapped out and easily customized. Pedestal signs are very versatile and can be used for many different types of purposes. They can tell people to stop and identify areas where they are not permitted, but they can also tell people to approach with caution or quietly. Though most pedestal signs have very simple messages of five words or less, they can also display detailed directions and schedules. Because it is so simple to create customized messages, the functions of pedestal signs are basically limitless. Some types of common messages on pedestal sign include:

  • No smoking
  • Authorized personnel only
  • Please wait to be seated

Because they are so light, they are very easy to move. They are a great tool for any organization that has high pedestrian traffic and needs to issue instructions. Most signs feature a double sided frame, so that the message can be read from both directions. Typically, signs are about 60 inches tall, though some have adjustable heights as well.

There are special types of pedestal signs that are curved and also feature a tilted frame, so that reading the message is similar to reading a piece of paper on a podium. These signs are great when the message is very long and detailed, because the angle makes it more comfortable for a person to read for an extended period of time. Though these signs are used less often in trade shows, conventions, and theatres, they are used in many museums and exhibits because they are an easy and inexpensive way to provide information to visitors.