If you’re having a contest or some sort of tournament, a good way to officially commemorate the winners is by creating a custom plaque.  Plaques are typically a thin plate of metal that is used to remember and honor the work or achievement of someone. Plaques can be used to commemorate all types of achievements from things as serious and official as military service to less prestigious achievements like winning a grade school soccer tournament. Whatever event is being honored, engraving the winner’s name in metal gives the event a greater sense of permanence and the winner a greater sense of achievement.

Most plaques are engraved metal plates set on wooden bases. The type of metal can vary, but it is usually stainless steel, brass, or copper. The type of wood used for the base can also change depending on how the owner wants the plaque to look. Most plaques follow this pattern, but not all of them. Some use glass or acrylic instead of metal for the plate, and the base can be made of marble or other materials. On the plate, the name of the winner is engraved.

Plaques come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are small and under six inches tall. These plaques usually commemorate one person or group for one achievement. It is also possible to make a plaque that commemorates a contest that reoccurs regularly. On these plaques there are several smaller metal plates, and each new winner gets their own name engraved on a separate plate. These are called perpetual plaques.

If you are looking to get a plaque created for an event, it is very simple. There are many custom plaque makers who specialize in all types of plaques. Even if your idea for a plaque doesn’t follow the standard pattern, there are plaque makers who can help you bring your idea to life.