One of the best ways to get people to see a sign is by hanging it on a post. As opposed to A Frame signs and other types of signs, pole-mounted signs have a more professional and classy appearance. Though it may take more work to create a pole-mounted sign and to mount it onto a post, it is often worth it because it will look great.

Pole-mounted signs are used by all types of organizations. Perhaps the most frequent users of pole-mounted signs are towns and municipalities. A town may want to mount signs on a lamppost for many different reasons. These signs can identify an important community location, communicate upcoming event information, or commemorate a person or organization in the community.  Signs mounted on lampposts are sometimes vertical banners that are mounted from the center of the pole, and other times they mount rectangular shaped signs on the side of the pole.

Towns and municipalities also use these poles to hoist way-finding signs in parks and other public places. These signs are usually placed much lower than lamppost signs, so that they can easily be seen and read by people of all ages. Of course the most common pole-mounted sign is the street sign. These are used by every type of municipality to identify streets and help people navigate.

Though pole-mounted signs are most often used by towns, they are also used by private organizations. Real estate agents often use pole-mounted signs to advertise that a property is for sale and to give people their contact information. A pole-mounted real estate sign makes a property appear more elegant than a small plastic sign. Some companies also use pole-mounted signs at the entrance of their businesses or by the sidewalk. These signs are fairly unique and will make a storefront look more professional.