realestatesignOne of the most common types of disposable signs is the real-estate sign. During the spring and summer, people in suburbs across the country notice these signs pop up in more and more yards as the weather gets warmer. Real-estate agents love using real-estate signs because they are very easy to install into a front yard. They also represent a very inexpensive, though very effective, form of advertising for the property as well as for the real estate agent personally.

There are a few different types of real estate signs.  The most common types of real estate signs are one and two post metal frame signs and hanging post signs. The one post metal frame signs are the least expensive and usually have the smallest sign. Two post metal frame signs are the most often used because they can support a larger sign, are less likely to fall down, and they strike a nice balance between affordability and quality. Hanging post signs are the nicest of the three signs and the most expensive. Sometime the post is made of wood, and sometimes it is made of plastic that resembles wood. These signs are typically only used for larger and more expensive properties, but can be used anywhere if the property owners and the real estate agent choose to use them.

There are also a few other types of signs that are used by real estate agents from time to time. Some real estate agents use flag signs. Because of their skinny vertical flag, they cannot display as much information, and they are not as easy to read. Even so, some real estate agents like to use them because they look so different from the normal type of signs. Real estate agents also commonly use A Frame directional signs and point them towards the front door during an open house. It’s a great way to invite potential buyers.


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